How do I attend the show?
To attend the show, simply click the “Get Full Access” button at the top of the page and sign up for access. The show is free to attend.

How do I submit my boat?
If your boat was selected to be in the show in Idaho, you will have received an email from ACBS with a link to submit your boat to the show. Simply: a) click on that link in your email from ACBS, b) create an account, and c) submit your boat. We will be watching for submissions and let you know if we need any further information or photos for your boat’s listing. If you have trouble submitting your boat you can click “Contact” on the top right of any page for assistance.

As an owner of a boat in the show, follow the instructions above to get full access to the show (for free).

What are the boats in the show and how were they selected?
The boats in the show are the boats that are registered for the in-person show in Idaho. ACBS solicited and registered the boats for inclusion in the show.

Still Need Help? Contact Us
You can click “Contact” on the top right of any page to send us a note and receive one-on-one help.


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