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Why two different options?

Since 2012, Off Center Harbor has been an ad-free haven for classic boat enthusiasts, 100% supported by members’ annual fees. It was through the support of all those Off Center Harbor members that we were able to respond to the isolation of a global pandemic and create a worldwide online boat show, a virtual gathering place for those enthusiasts.

This year, Off Center Harbor members get the Worldwide Classic Boat Show included with their annual membership. Non-members can still attend the Show via All-Access Tickets. We keep the prices for both OCH memberships and WCBS tickets as low as possible to provide access for all classic boat enthusiasts.

If you’d like to become an annual Off Center Harbor member with full access to the ever-growing library of over 700 videos and 500+ articles – with access to the Worldwide Classic Boat Show included – you can click here to learn more and become a member.