Friday, 2/17 | Opening Night Celebration & Tour of the Show

The Recording of the Live Presentation is Now Available Below

You can click here to see the Site Tour

Mix your favorite cocktail, or brew a good cuppa joe, and join the crew as we celebrate the opening of the 2023 Worldwide Classic Boat Show.  We’ll have our traditional opening margarita in-hand to kick-off the Show, and we’ll give you an insider’s tour of the website and what’s happening at the Show this week.

Off Center Harborita Recipe*:

  • Place four ice cubes into a Bonne Maman jam jar (or other jar with a lid).
  • Pour a 50/50 blend of the following into the glass up to the rim:
    • Hornitos Reposado or Sauza Conmemorativo tequila (NOT Jose Cuervo!)
    • Simply Limeade (Newman’s Own Limeade is a good substitute)
  • Close sealed lid and shake wildly 40 times (shaking is the key to smoothness)
  • Sit back, open, sip and enjoy the Show (stronger than they taste so drink with care – 1.5 drinks is our max)

We have Texas margarita-snob roots and this mix is as good as any complex, fussy, high-maintenance blend


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40 thoughts on “Friday, 2/17 | Opening Night Celebration & Tour of the Show

  • Dean Mendenhall 3 months ago

    This format is the greatest mid winter upper, at least for us in the northeast. Great array of classic looking boats. Always a delight, keep up the good work with the live shows. Interesting topics all. Thanks for the hard work involved.
    Dean Mendenhall. S/V Briarpatch

  • Mark Shaw 4 months ago

    I have look forward to this every year and love the presentations. I am excited to see Tom Robinson’s talk tonight. I have been keeping up with his progress since last year.
    Thanks for putting this on again.

  • Andreas Reuner 4 months ago

    Dear Crew of the Classic Boat Show,
    thank you for the warm welcome tonight (now it’s 2.44 in the early morning) and
    thank you for the work on behalf of the boats to be preserved.

  • paul joske 4 months ago

    Thank you!!!!
    Just watched the opening of the show. For an hour I was in a place with like minded people.
    Looking forward to the rest of the show. Paul (Australia)

  • Tony Reitzel 4 months ago

    Great opening night intro, thanks everyone

  • Nancy Kinner 4 months ago

    Great opener, Steve and Nate! Thanks for the tour.

  • Liz Day 4 months ago

    Do I have to resubmit my boat every year? I don’t see it.

    • Steve Stone 4 months ago

      Hi Liz. We’ll look into this. Your lobster boat has sentimental value to us and I believe that she’s in the show already, but our crew will find her and send you a link. You should also be able to find your boat(s) on your profile page in “my account” in the menu top/right.

  • Michael Meyers 4 months ago

    Is it possible to see videos from live sessions in previous years I’ve attended? Thanks.

    • Boat Show Crew Post author 4 months ago

      Hi Michael,

      We don’t have that possibility…yet! It has been something we are discussing , but at the moment the only way to view previous year’s presentations is by becoming a member of Off Center Harbor and viewing the videos in their library.

  • Arnt Arntzen 4 months ago

    are the films available at any other times than on your schedule?

    • Boat Show Crew Post author 4 months ago

      The live presentations will be recorded and available the following day and remain open throughout the show!

  • Tony Reitzel 4 months ago

    You have “Messages” on the right side of your menu bar. Can you explain it?

    • Boat Show Crew Post author 4 months ago

      Messages are a way of communicating to other boat show attendees. Message an organization or a boat owner to get connected. Maybe meet up in the real world!

  • David Scott 4 months ago

    Hi Bill, Hi Maynard! We have been loving “Scooter” and think of our trip to meet you in Brooklin with fond memories. Tell Caroline hi and let me know if you can make a Clemson home night game this year. We have tickets and rooms…and thanks to all for doing this very cool thing.

    • Bill Mayher 4 months ago

      Good to hear from you David. Glad Scooter is still chugging along. A great boat, for sure.
      Hope we can get down your way sometime, and of course a Clemson game would be the best.
      Enjoy the spring,

  • Suzan Wallace 4 months ago

    Met Maynard at the Wooden Boat School back in 2018 and shared a moment with a wee catboat, but its how I first was excited about Off-Center Harbor and your mission. Thank you for gathering this niche group of boat folks!

  • Spencer Day 4 months ago

    We could use a demo of you guys using those nice new features. Context matters a lot. The last 2 shows were great. Looking forward to this one.

  • Christopher Lambert 4 months ago

    Signed in from down in Miami, great to be taking part in the show again. Thanks for putting this together and continuing to develop it.

  • Julia Graves 4 months ago

    It is overwhelming to me to see the seven of you very talented individuals all contributing to the Classic Boat Show that brings the world together. It is incredible and I am so excited for this third Worldwide Boat Show. Thank YOU! Kevin, your editing is out of this world… Thank you all for your enthusiasm and grace.
    P.S. I need a margarita!

  • Ginger Clark 4 months ago

    Where is everyone speaking located? Are they all in Maine?

  • Doug Bullock 4 months ago

    I am noticing a lot of boats have video posted – more than I have seen other years.

  • Jim Sargent 4 months ago

    In Annapolis, MD it’s wonderful to see all you guys. Thanks for putting this all together!

  • Jorge Magnere Del Rio 4 months ago

    Desde La Serena – Chile los saluda Maestro Lobo.

  • Jonathan Lewis 4 months ago

    Thanks again for providing a wonderful respite from winter and supplying us all with this rich resource!

  • Bill Clapp 4 months ago

    Screen says I’ve now nothing happening

  • Ken Bowen 4 months ago

    Here in Washington state it’s 4:30 in the afternoon, and the professional boat builders haven’t punched out yet….

    • Boat Show Crew Post author 4 months ago

      Those hardworking souls! This video will be available to replay tomorrow morning and for the rest of the show duration.

  • Tony Aman 4 months ago

    I will be wearing my new OCH hoodie, sipping my Katahdin Jerry from a SSR 2021 glass. See you in 73 minutes.
    Recipe for Katahdin Jerry: one can of Baxter ICE STORM New England India Pale Ale, one shot Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, stirred not shaken.