– How do I navigate the site? Do you have a tour with helpful tips?
We’ve created some short videos to give you a tour of the show’s website:

Logging In and Navigation

Setting Up Your Account

– What are the selection criteria for the classic boats at the show?
Good, interesting boats with a classic aesthetic, construction and sensibility are the focus of this show. Boats built by hand to good designs are favored over modern production boats popped out of molds. We also like funk, so a funky houseboat with character and funk rates right up there with the finest of classic luxury yachts moored in Monaco or Cannes. We’re boatbuilders, camp cruisers, rowers, live-aboards. We like good, strong, beautiful, seaworthy boats more than prestige and exclusivity.

– How many boats are in the Show?
The 2023 Show featured over 1,100 boats, and there are over 100 new boats this year!

– How many countries are represented?
Participating boats and organizations come from over 70 different countries.

– Can I add my own boat to the Show?
Yes, subject to review by our crew. Boat pages are created by owners, and you can CLICK HERE to create your own. We will only publish boat pages featuring several good photos and thoughtful/thorough descriptions.

– I know a great classic/wooden boating organization, but it’s not on the map. Can I add it?
Yes, please do! You can CLICK HERE to create a new organization page. Employees of the organization will be able to “take over” the page and edit it down the road if they choose.

– Will there be workshops/presentations at the Show?
The daily presentations are a highlight of each year’s Show. We do not focusing on how-to workshops – we have the whole Off Center Harbor website for that. The talks are inspiring and enlightening looks at different parts of the classic boating world, from a young bloke rowing across the Pacific to Women in the Trades and the Hidden History of Herreshoff.  You can see the full lineup by clicking “Live Events” in the top menu above.

– Do you have more questions?
Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to our crew at crew@classicboatshow.com.

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