– What was the selection criteria?
Good, interesting boats with a classic sensibility in a broad sense. Two of our founders, Maynard Bray and Ben Mendlowitz, have been educating themselves – and the world – on all things wooden boat for most of their lives. We’re also boatbuilders, camp cruisers, rowers, liveaboards. We like good boats.

– How many boats were submitted and how many are in the show?
TBD, they’re still comin in like hotcakes. About 500 are in the show currently.

– How many countries are represented?
Also TBD/growing… over 60 at the moment.

– Will there be helpful workshops for wooden boat owners?
We have 8 presentations, one a day Saturday, 2/20 – Saturday, 2/27 at 1900 GMT/UTC. You can see them all here. We are not focusing on how-to workshops – we have the whole Off Center Harbor site plus the scores of schools at the Show – but the talks will be enlightening looks at different parts of the classic boat world, from the Boats of British Columbia and Dinghy Cruising in Europe to Boatbuilding School Instructors and World-Class Photographers.

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46 thoughts on “Help

  • Robert Morton 3 months ago

    Brigadoon has been sold. How do I remove her from the listing?

  • Rod MCKENZIE 7 months ago

    My boat Rodster is listed under my name but isn’t showing in the main postings. Do I need to provide more information?
    Congratulations on an incredible effort and successful show.
    Rod McKenzie

  • Hugh Lane 7 months ago

    I’d like to add my boat to the show, how to do?

  • Andrew Hamilton 7 months ago

    I don’t seem to be able to send out the Guest Passes that you emailed about.
    Can you help?

  • Michal Dobrogost 7 months ago

    What happens after the show is over? Are the boat pages and videos going to stay up?

  • FRAN CRISTOS 7 months ago

    My boat Miss Flay was made of GRP and wood, and not older than 35 years, however it has the merit of having been built in a shipyard with great tradition with a mold of a traditional boat that had been built more than 130 years ago, and maintains the tradition of the “Falmouth workboats”. I would like it to be admitted.

  • John Tarran 7 months ago

    I am logged in but cannot access presentations any ideas?

    John Tarran

  • Bart Louwagie 7 months ago

    How do I put my already listed boat up for sale? I see an option to add a new boat “for sale” but how to add an existing listing?

    • Steve Stone 7 months ago

      Hi Bart. We should definitely have a one button solution for that, but we’ll have to add that next year. For this year, you’ll need to add a listing in “for sale”. A tip would be to get the current listing up in one tab, and the input form up in another and then copy and paste.

  • Phyllis Heiner 7 months ago

    I received a gift card and was able to login but can’t open the shows

  • Jo van eck 7 months ago


    How do I edit the listing I have for Darling Maddie.

    There appears toe no obvious link.



    • Steve Stone 7 months ago

      Hi Jo. When logged in, click on “Account/Profile” in the top right corner and you’ll find your listing there. Click “edit” on the listing you’d like to update and off you go.

  • Eric tirion 7 months ago


    I’ve bought a ticket, but I can’t access any events or boats even though I’m logged in. When I click on a boat, or a show I’m asked to buy a ticket or login ….even though I am logged in!? I’m on a MacBook running safari 14.03 if that is of any consequence. Thanks for any assistance!


    • Steve Stone 7 months ago

      Yarrr!, Eric. Sorry for the challenge. Sounds like an impossibility that you’re actually logged in if that’s what you’re getting. But if so, try a different browser (Chrome) and see what happens there. If the problem persists, click “contact” and send us a note with a screenshot that shows this effect while the top right corner says you are logged in.

  • Roy Settgas 7 months ago

    how do you access your “favorites”? I’ve marked a bunch of boats as favorites but can’t seem to find a way to get to the collection.

    • Steve Stone 7 months ago

      Hi Roy. Click “Account/Profile” in the top right corner when you’re logged in. You’ll find your favorites there.

  • James Rice 7 months ago

    Hi, trying to get my profile up and going, have two, the blank one is up and the one with pictures is not. If you help that would be great.
    Thanks Brad Rice The Boatwright

    • Steve Stone 7 months ago

      Hi Brad. It looks like you solved it, but if not, please click “contact” and send us specifics on what you’re having trouble with.

  • John Lunde 7 months ago

    I give up, got a free ticket, then bought one. Have not been able to get into this GD show!

  • Jim Worden 7 months ago

    I’ve been trying to watch Sunday and there’s no place to access the link.

    • Steve Stone 7 months ago

      Hi Jim. When logged in, click “Daily Event/Replays”, then “Sunday, Day 3” and you’ll be able to play the replay video.

  • stephen smith 7 months ago

    I want to have a return option and view other boats with out having to reprogram my search. Nate please advise.
    Thank you,

    • Steve Stone 7 months ago

      Hi Stephen. Once you do the search, if you want to look at a boat, but keep the results of your search, then try right clicking on the boat to bring it up in a a new tab. Then your search is still there on the other tab. We’ll look into this as a possible fix.

  • Tonya And Jerry Hamman 7 months ago

    It would be cool in Boats to be able to filter old to young (years old)

  • Judy Brett 7 months ago

    I purchased a gift ticket for Jeff Ruckert at Jeffruckert@hotmail.com and he has not received it. Judy Brett

  • Duane Elverum 7 months ago

    My boat was reviewed and accepted – I received a confirmation email – but it doesn’t show up
    on the map and my profile indicates the entry is still under review.

  • Raymond Guidi 7 months ago

    help, i need to change the email address on a gift ticket that i bought

  • John mcshea 7 months ago

    Hi I’ve made a listing but it doesn’t appear to show?

    • Steve Stone 7 months ago

      Hi John. If this is still the case, click contact and let us now which listing your looking for.

  • John Juliano 7 months ago

    How do I look at the profiles of other attendees? There a lot of interesting people attending as well as friends. Browsing their profiles would be as interesting as the boats and sessions.

    • Steve Stone 7 months ago

      Hi John. In the bottom right corner of each boat’s profile, you’ll find a link to the person’s profile who listed it. We don’t have a listing of attendees this year. Noted that for a possibility next year.

  • Clarence Conrad 7 months ago

    How do you activate the Boat slide show feature??

  • Kenelm Russell 7 months ago

    How do I make a correction in my profile

  • Graydon Newman 7 months ago

    I missed Tom’s presentation on Saturday. How do I listen to it ?