2023 Live Wrap-Up

REPLAY: We recap the boat show highlights and what not to miss…

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20 thoughts on “2023 Live Wrap-Up

  • Richard Gewax 9 months ago

    Kudos to the entire crew that produced this years show.
    My being a semi-professional procrastinator, I intend to binge watch all the presentations today, the last day of the event! lol
    That being said, I would hope that the fine folks at OCH would consider some means of sprinkling portions of the show as re-runs throughout the year on the OCH site. It would be beneficial to us chronic latecomers who find themselves in need of a ‘classic boat show fix’ as an inspiration ‘booster shot’ that gets us out on the water, figuratively and literally.
    P.S. – Thanks for including my little skiff ‘Whisp’R’ again this year!

    • Boat Show Crew Post author 9 months ago

      Hi Richard,

      Yes, we do have the recorded presentations available on the Off Center Harbor site. It’s a great place to watch the rerun presentations from previous shows as well!

  • Michael Putzel 9 months ago

    Steve, Nate & OCH Crew, Thanks so much for your help in putting the Alden Indian HIGH TIME up there with all those other magnificent boats. It was, in a sense, her world premiere as a classic example of early one-design racing sailboats, now that we know who she was and what she did “back in the day.” All the best!

  • Ingrid Tamboline 9 months ago

    Thank you OCH crew for your enthusiasm and dedication to preserving and promoting the beautiful world of classic boats through this Worldwide Wooden Boat Show. It is so appreciated! It’s wonderful to see how boats connect people along waterways throughout the world. Looking forward to exploring the site for another week.

  • David MacLean 9 months ago

    Once again thanks for putting together another great show. The presentations, boats & slideshows were fantastic. Kudos to all for your dedicated efforts for all of us to enjoy in the dead of winter. So charged to prepare for another wonderful sailing season in Maine. Made a great connection and making plans to sail with old & new friends with the same boats. Will look forward to what you have in store for ‘24. Kudos to all!

  • Kevin Sullivan 9 months ago

    Wonderful! I would say to all those who did not attend the Worldwide Wooden Boat Show
    they missed the boat. Thank you for all your hard work we enjoyed every minute of it!.

    We are enjoying a gift subscription from Doug Theobold, thank you Doug.

    Kevin and Jackie Sullivan

  • Mark Shaw 9 months ago

    Loved all the presentations this year. Learned a lot and had some laughs. Great way to spend the snowy winter evenings in Vermont.
    Looking forward to the spring and getting on the water.

  • melissa Makris 9 months ago

    Would love to see the recap! Thank you


    • Steve Stone 9 months ago

      Hi Melissa. The replay is above now, so if you don’t see it simply reload/refresh the page.

  • Scott Sturgeon 9 months ago

    Great show. Loved the live show with Tom Robinson. Great to be able to attend from Los Angeles. Oh, and the race to Alaska documentary was outrageously good. All of the live events were. Thanks!

  • David Dickmeyer 9 months ago

    Thanks team for a great show. I had a busy week and missed quite a few things so thanks for the extra week. I sure hope I can catch up with everything. Great job!

  • John Calogero 9 months ago

    Thank you Nate and Steve and your less visible crew.

  • Scott Sellick 9 months ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed the entire week. Thanks to all. Nice pace!

  • Steve Bucher 9 months ago

    Well worth the price of admission! I have some catching up to do since I didn’t get to tune in live as much as I wanted.

  • Dave and Margaret Tew 9 months ago

    We’ve made contact this year with someone in England who now has their boat in the show. It turns out their boat was built by relatives of ours who sailed it across the Atlantic an back some decades ago. Reading details of how the boat has fared and is being upgraded plus new family stories has been a treat. Thanks OCH/WWCBS for helping us reconnect.

  • Julia Graves 9 months ago

    Tremendous Show… Look forward to watching some of the presentations again while they are still up. Well done interviews and presentations. Enjoyed the wide variety of topics. Thank you OCH for continuing to push for more and more connection… to communities around the globe.

  • Christopher Cournoyer 9 months ago

    Excellent job folks. Enjoyed every minute. Thanks.

  • Dave Bruce 9 months ago

    Thank You All for the delightful exposure and learning world wide through all your efforts! Just finished the classic design table discussion … I’ve always wondered what that tight turn of the bilge feels like on Ray Hunt’s & Waldo’s Concordia 40s … keeps her sailing mor upright, and, ?? rocks athwartship a little much? Missing the experience myself, it’s a missing design aspect for me. ?? : – )

  • Don Barker 9 months ago

    How long can we access the WWCBS web pages after the closing?

    • Nate Rooks 9 months ago

      The boat pages and presentations will be live through next Sunday, March 5th.

      The organizations and classifieds will be live all year.