2022 Live Presentation Schedule

2022 Live Presentation Schedule

2023 Schedule Coming Soon!

Friday, Feb. 18th at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (GMT/UTC 24:00)

Opening Night

Meet the crew behind the scenes of the Worldwide Classic Boat Show and get the inside scoop of what’s happening at the show. We’ll feature highlights from the show for you to explore and give you a tour on how to navigate the site.

Watch the replay HERE.

Saturday, Feb. 19th at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC -5) 

Rowing Across the Pacific Ocean in a Wooden Boat

Tom Robinson is setting out to become the youngest person to row across the Pacific Ocean. He also happens to be doing it in a wooden boat that he designed and built himself.

Sunday, Feb. 20th at 12:00pm (noon) EST in the U.S. (UTC 17:00) 

Classic Boat Festivals of Europe

A private tour of some of the best wooden boat festivals of Europe led by the leaders of these festivals.

Monday, Feb. 21st at Available All Day

2021 Audience Favorites from the 2021 Show

For a limited time only, watch last year’s stunning lineup of presentations.

Tuesday Feb 22nd at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (GMT/UTC 24:00)

Building Young People​ Through Building Boats

We’ll get a close look at several of the world’s top programs that enhance young people’s lives through teaching boatbuilding and maritime skills. The founders and leaders of these programs will share what makes their programs work so well.

Wednesday Feb 23rd at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (GMT/UTC 24:00) 

Electric Propulsion​ & Solar Cruising​ – The Future is Now

This panel of experts, designers, builders and owners will lay out the options available today for electric propulsion in various types and sizes of boats. Then we’ll leap into the fast-approaching next phase of electric propulsion — Solar Cruising — looking closely at two boats that cruise with unlimited range powered only by the sun and never plugging in (the future is now).

Thursday, Feb. 24th at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (GMT/UTC 24:00) 

Classic Wooden Fishing Boats of the Vietnam Coast

We’ll get a close up look at a myriad of fascinating traditional fishing vessels in Vietnam including how they are still built and used today.

Friday, Feb. 25th Available All Day

Off Center Harbor Movie Night

Enjoy a curated playlist of our favorite Off Center Harbor videos from around the world.

Saturday, Feb. 26th at 3:00pm EST in the U.S. (+5 GMT)

Small Boat Raids Around the World

Want to learn more about camp cruising and how to organize your own? Join organizers from around the world to learn about what it takes to start your own adventure.

Sunday, Feb. 27th at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (GMT/UTC 24:00) 

Closing Ceremony

Join us as we recap the boat show highlights and share what’s in store for next year.

Watch the replay HERE.

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