Day 6 – Wednesday Replay Available

Port Townsend: How This Legendary Boat-Town Was Built

Wednesday, February 24th – 1900 GMT/UTC
with Kaci Cronkhite and Carol Hasse

How did a sleepy little port town in the 1970s become a lively year-round mecca of wooden boat builders, sailors, marine trades, and maritime educators? What worked and didn’t? How have we weathered the storms and rallied? What gives us hope for the future?

Join legendary sailor/sailmaker Carol Hasse (co-founder of the Wooden Boat Festival and long-time board member of both Wooden Boat Foundation & NW Maritime Center), and circumnavigator/author Kaci Cronkhite (Director of Wooden Boat Festival for a decade) sharing behind the scenes personal stories and highlights from decades of involvement — in hopes it inspires and helps people in other places.

This video is not currently available.

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75 thoughts on “Day 6 – Wednesday Replay Available

  • Ahoi Mench 5 months ago

    Totally enjoyed hearing from two of my favorite Port Townsend people. Thank you Carole and Kaci.

  • Ev Diehl 5 months ago

    2 names of dearly departed shipmates:
    Jim Blaklock, who ran the boat shop for many years and that rascal, Doug Rathbun who worked in the original Chandlery and later worked with Daniel on schemes to fit most of the boats into Point Hudson.
    Ev Diehl
    Chandlery Manager 2000-2005

  • Galen Piehl 5 months ago

    Excellent talk. One of the things that most struck me was that Carol Hasse kept the same boat for so many years. That alone is inspirational. If I were not so fickle in regards to boats I would have spent more time on the water and had more money also!

  • George Hill 5 months ago

    Sound Experience does many different programs on the Schooner Adventuress, both at the dock and underway.

  • Jennifer Read 5 months ago

    Any way the experienced boating folks in Port Townsend can rally round Tally Ho and her current situation?

    • Stephen Costanzo 5 months ago

      Leo and company have used many local businesses for products and services to get Tally Ho to her present state of rebuild. These are the places and people who need to rally round and stand up for the project and for Port Townsend itself. If this project gets effectively kicked out of town, it would not speak well of Port Townsend.

  • Art Plewka 5 months ago

    I have enjoyed the videos of Port Townsend through OCH for years. Your presentation has inspired me to get to your amazing community and Victoria as well. Can you give us some links to help plan a visit?
    Thank you,
    Art (Whitehall MI)

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Glad you enjoyed the PT videos, Art. The City of PT has a website called with links to places to stay, things to do, and the latest happenings. I’d also recommend,,, and If you’re on Instagram, happy to connect that way. I try to post stories from local restaurants, our cool local movie theater, and random happenings in the boatyard and town. You can get to Victoria from here by driving to Port Angeles and taking the Black Ball Ferry–once the border opens again! While on the Olympic peninsula here, check out Olympic National Park, Elwha River restoration, and the Jamestown S’klallam campus.

  • Tim Sullivan 5 months ago

    Thank You all so much from Gloucester Mass. for a wonderful talk. My friends in Silverdale have been coaxing me to come out to the Festival for years. Now that I have the lay of the land and the background of it all I just gotta do it…. T~

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Gloucester’s one of those towns we looked to for inspiration, Tim! Hope you do come visit, when things open up a bit more. Til then, stay well!

  • JOHN SPROUSE 5 months ago

    Kaci and Hasse, could you let us know how to contact you through email or phone

  • Michael Ryan 5 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and thanks for all your hard work. The Wooden Boat Show is at the top of our list every year and we missed it greatly last Fall. Your stories are inspirational and so many have been blessed by your dreams and visions and particularly liked how you made it a priority to get the little ones down and in the water. Will look for you at the pourhouse and buy you a beer! Peace.

  • Bill Page 5 months ago

    What an excellent job everyone concerned did to give us a better understanding of Port Townsend as a whole, and – how it was possible to make & keep the waterfront, & it’s spirit, as it is today. Truly wonderful.. Thank you to all.

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Thanks, Bill! What we hoped to convey is how it takes ALL of us… pulling together through storms and calm. I think that’s true everywhere. If anything we said helps spark ideas in people of other coastal communities–awesome. Hope we shined a light on some of the lesser known orgs and people who make the culture here rich in creativity and resilience.

  • David Gruendel 5 months ago

    Living in the middle of the country, I know you two only through the features OCH has done on you. “Inspirational” is the work I’ve always used when recommending those to sailing friends, and I now understand even more clearly why that word came to mind. Thank you both for a wonderful presentation. My determination to get to Port Townsend multiplied exponentially while watching it.

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Thank you for your kind words, David. Hope to see you on the docks, in the boatyard, or at Festival.

  • Mike White 5 months ago

    Thanks so much for an inspirational talk! What struck me deeply was the wisdom and vision for the future, that you all seemed to have in your youth! To have carried it through for decades, preserving landscape, the marine trades and heritage and now watching the next generation of skilled artisans develop, must be incredibly satisfying! Well done!!

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Thank you for thoughtful words, Mike. I think both of us credit life-altering experiences on the ocean–bluewater passages–and the lessons learned while owning and maintaining our wooden boats here… in addition to the wealth of knowledge passed along to us so generously by elders and colleagues and people we’ve met in this harbor. I never had children, but absolutely love my role as Aunt… so watching the young people come to town and work hard on their dreams, watching now a third or 4th generation at Kids’ Boatbuilding every Festival, and gathering with others to memorialize those we’ve lost all bring it home–to the heart.

  • Tonya And Jerry Hamman 5 months ago

    Excellent presentation! As one who is feeling the time coming when I will be passing the baton for the-next generation Brava! Hoping the next generation is able to work hard with humility, passion and gratitude!

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Thank you! Glad we gave you hope. The next generation (and the little ones they’re raising) give us hope here every day. Most of those who are making it are scrappy, salty, and smart–brave and determined. That old adage “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know” echoes through the boatyard, programs, festival. Wishing you all the best in finding the one to pass your baton.

  • Diane Lander 5 months ago

    What a great presentation! Love it. So many historical things that I didn’t know about. Way to go Hasse and Kaci.

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Thanks, Diane! Glad we were able to get at least of the region’s CYA boats in a shot. Rather, a sling!

  • Patrick Lorch 5 months ago

    What a great presentation. It would be great to see every town with a waterfront duplicate some parts of what you guys have accomplished.

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Nothing would make us happier, Patrick! The pressures to develop waterfront, to close down boatyards, to price out the marinas, etc. has been part of the reason PT peeps have fought SO hard to keep it. Many of the people who’ve stepped up as leaders, board members, donors, advocates at public meetings are doing so because of what’s been lost where they grew up. We’re big believers in the tide raising every boat here… so, the more coastal communities reviving, supporting, preserving, building boat-culture (whatever it is about boats!;) up.. the better world. Touch wood!

  • Tami Allen 5 months ago

    Oh, who knew tonight’s reccording would be such and inspiration and tear jerker. Loved it. Thinking of Jim Blaiklock watching this. Thank you Kaci and Carol. PT is definately a spiritual home port.

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Awe, that reminds me of our months hauled out next to one another! Definitely fond memories. Miss Jim. In so many ways, the spirit of folks like him (and you, back with Lil’ Danser) are still what gives this place such spirit.

  • Paul larkin 5 months ago

    A little bit of heaven nestled right there on the northwest corner of the the lower forty eight. Thanks for the history lesson on how it was achieved. Cheers, P

  • Roy Schreyer 5 months ago

    Thank you all for a great look around and explanation of the Wooden Boat Center
    and area!

  • David Tew 5 months ago

    Steve- Links to all Port Townsend Marie Trades Association businesses here:

  • Jeffrey Huseman 5 months ago

    If one is in the market for a classic wooden boat is there a list of brokerages available that specialize classic wooden boats, marine surveyors, shipwrights, etc.


    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Great question, Jeffrey. I don’t know of a “list” that captures them all in one place. Not vetted from random Google search anyway;) Many of the marine surveyors in Port Townsend are very familiar with wooden boats (Jim Maupin, Lee Earhart, Patrick Mahon). There are at least 3 brokerages in town: Port Townsend Boat Company, Sea Marine, and Rubicon). Best bet is to attend the Wooden Boat Festival and pick the brains of oh–30,000 people or so;) Come early and stay after. You can see and get onboard a big variety of boats and people are generally more than happy to point you toward whom to talk to about what… the design, possible repairs, etc.

  • Greg Ross 5 months ago

    A stellar presentation here today. I met Carol probably a dozen years ago in Calgary when she was visiting to present a seminar on sail making/ sail repairs. No questions today but my compliments on the marvelous virtual Show and challenge for my dream to get to Port Townsend. It will be a long tow with Swan’s Isle!

  • John Calogero 5 months ago

    Kaci and Hasse, thank you for presenting all of this wonderful history for us!

  • Paulo Alves 5 months ago


  • Pilar Stack 5 months ago

    Have they both written a book about their experiences. Carol and Kaci…
    Pilar Beltrán-Stack

  • Luz Pacheco 5 months ago

    Would love to visit. Thank you for sharing your stories. Very insightful.

  • James Webb 5 months ago

    Your are an inspiration for us in Victoria… we dream of such a community facility as you have built

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Keep at it, James! We’re cheering for you all. I don’t know a person here who doesn’t love our times in Victoria.

  • Emily Russell 5 months ago

    What do you recommend as a first step for getting involved in wooden boat building and sailing for young girls? We are an hour from you. Is there a summer camp or some way to get started in this magical world for a 10 year old? We love and cherish the Wooden Boat Festival and can’t wait to attend in person again. Thanks for your commitment and passion!

  • JOHN SPROUSE 5 months ago

    Great presentation and thanks to both of you for your leadership in preserving my favorite place to haul out my boat and stop over on the way north.

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Thanks, John. We pinch ourselves every day living here. Hope to see you in the boatyard! I can’t imagine this town without it and as you know… it’s almost impossible to find a place to haul, work on, and afford to do so anymore. The pressures of cost to maintain a Port, environmental challenges (which our Port is constantly trying to innovate!), and the temptation of executives to just keep raising prices higher and higher… means we’ve all got to stay creative and vigilant. Thanks so much for stopping here to work on your boat. Being part of what makes it so fun to live here.

  • Stephan & Winnie 5 months ago

    Hi over there, the flags you had been showing 10 mins. ago inside the boat, at least those on the floorboards, they show the very countries, where we are and have been sailing! Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark & Germany
    It´s a fantastic area. So many interesting places, quite close together. If anybody wants to come here and is in the need of some recommendations of where to go and how, just ask.

    Also Thanks a lot to Kaci & Carol for presenting so much informatio about the Port Townsend Festival.

    Stephan Laaks,
    Taufkirchen & Arnis, Germany

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Hi Stephan and Winnie. Cool! Good on ya for spotting Belgium;) Most people don’t know that one so much. In the photo, I was preparing to hoist those flags on my starboard flag halyard–a nod to the captain/owners of my Danish spidsgatter, PAX, who sailed her from Denmark to Germany, Holland, Belgium… and Canada! It’s always fun to meet people onboard who spot those flags during Wooden Boat Festival. Hope that’s you some day.

  • Charles Coull 5 months ago

    Do you guys have a sense that as well as the incredible work to regenerate the traditional woodenboat trades you are at the same time developing the leaders that will mean this amazing journey endures?

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      That’s our dream, our hope… Make that our work! By “our” I mean literally hundreds of people engaged in education and nonprofit work in this town. Port Townsend’s population is about 10,000. Through Wooden Boat Festival and other year-round volunteering, I’d venture to bet nearly everyone engages in the effort at some point. Never has “it takes a village” been illustrated more poignantly for me than while living in this town. <3

  • Charles Coull 5 months ago

    “Ruined for anything but life at sea” Brilliant!

  • Denis Wang 5 months ago

    Belfast Maine, is another Victorian Seaport

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Thanks for adding that info, Denis! I’m curious to check it out on my next visit up your way. The Victorian seaport fact folks also mention Cape May, New Jersey and Galveston, Texas. While I love that so much of the architecture has been preserved here… sure glad the Victorian customs have died away;)

  • Sandy Lam 5 months ago

    If you have a question for Kaci or Carol, please submit them here and we’ll ask them at the end of the presentation!

  • Ingemar Svala 5 months ago

    Hi, I think I can see prior days’ shows, Correct ? I missed the first 3. Yesterday’s was very educational, well done and fun. Thank You. Ingemar Vermilion, Ohio

  • David Tew 5 months ago

    I traveled west for the 1979 PTWB Festival to give a talk about The Appenticeshop. I was amazed at the quality of boats, the knowledgeable people, deep history and the wondrous materials available for boat building. I hope to go back some day and am looking forward to this ‘online visit’.

    • David Tew 5 months ago

      The festival kindly put me up in the Fort Worden barracks (where sometime later ‘An Officer and A Gentleman” was filmed.)

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      That’s SO cool, David! Did you know The Apprenticeshop was here again in 2018? Susan St. James brought out her beautiful SPIRIT. Showed it at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival then let us ship it to the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, Tasmania where again, she represented The Apprentishop. She got more people out rowing that gig than, I think, they’d ever had rowing boats in that huge festival. Like PT, I know the A-shop has struggled and morphed over the years, but once again… it’s why we’ve got to be patient and persevere, be patient and persevere… protecting the waterfront through storms and calms over decades. I’m thrilled to see the new activity in Camden.

  • Diane Lander 5 months ago

    Hope that this will be recorded and available to view later. I can’t watch at the time that they will be live! Really want to see this!
    Diane Lander
    Seattle, Washington

  • Toby Tull 5 months ago

    Carol has built the best sail loft I have ever worked with. She knows from her own sailing what it takes to mail a sailboat hull perform. All those tuned in Wednesday with Carol and Kaci Cronkite will learn a lot the wooden boat world.
    Thanks ladies for doing this part of the Festival ⛵️

    • Kaci Cronkhite 5 months ago

      Thanks for your kind words, Toby. I’ve sailed with Hasse’s sails on TETHYS around the world, so TOTALLY agree! She designed my sails for PAX, too. Her ability to listen and adjust design for our boats, conditions, sailing preferences is remarkable. The craftsmanship of her crew is impressive, too. I’m grateful for our long friendship and for all the ways she’s anchored our community over the years, too.

  • Charles Coull 6 months ago

    Clearly this is going to be the best show in town! No pressure K😉