Live Events Overview

2022 Lineup Coming Soon!

Once again, we’ll be gathering experts from around the world to discuss different topics related to the world of classic boats.

We had an amazing lineup of speakers last year, and you can see some of their archived presentations on Off Center Harbor.

2021 Presentations:

  • “Show Opening & Tour” with the OCH Crew
  • “A Life on the Seas of Northern Europe” with Tom Cunliffe (CLICK HERE to view the replay)
  • “Dinghy Cruising” with Roger Barnes
  • “The Boats and Boatbuilders of Carriacou” with Jeff Dworsky
  • “The British Columbia Coast & Inside Passage” with Tad Roberts, Bill Noon, and Karen Sullivan
  • “Port Townsend: How This Legendary Boat-Town was Built” with Kaci Cronkhite and Carol Hasse (CLICK HERE to view the replay)
  • “Classic Boat Photographers” with Kurt Arrigo, Allison Langley, Ben Mendlowitz, Kathy Mansfield, and Franco Pace
  • “Boatbuilding Instructors’ Roundtable” with Sean Koomen, Mike Tupper, Matt Edmondson, Warren Barker, and Jake Jacobsen (CLICK HERE to view the replay)
  • “A Boatbuilding Icon talks Past, Present, and Future” with Steve White
  • “Happy Hour Celebration” with the OCH Crew

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