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You can click on any organization to open its full profile in a new tab.

Note: You may need to disable your web browser’s pop-up blockers to open boat profiles from the slideshows.

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2 thoughts on “Organization Slideshow | Festivals & Shows

  • Tony Aman 2 months ago

    I really appreciated the comment that you can use the site as a trip planner. However, the filters on this site are inadequate to narrow the search to the dates or areas of travel. For instance, I am interested in touring the northeastern quarter of the US in September to October, looking for events I might like to schedule along the route. But the slide show gives me hundreds of events all over the world with no way to sort as to dates, places, or types. I challenge you to construct a filter that allows us to narrow our searches to our requirements.

    • Nate Rooks Post author 2 months ago

      Hi Tony – Thanks for the feedback.

      The slideshows are a great way to browse freely or be surprised, but you’re right: they’re not the best for specific searching.

      Improving filtering options is definitely on our development list, along with a calendar to keep track of all the events.

      For now, searching is easiest by going to “Explore” in the upper menu, then you can choose to have the World Map show:
      – All 6 types of organizations (or some combination of them)
      – Only a single type (like Festivals & Shows)

      From there you can zoom in on the region you’re interested in. You’ll still have to look at each festival or show’s page to get more info, but it will certainly be a more defined group – handfuls or dozens rather than hundreds.

      I hope that helps for now, and we’ll keep doing our best to make the site easier/better to use.