2024 Live Presentation Schedule

Watch inspiring live presentations and take advantage of the
once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your questions answered by these amazing boaters from around the world…


Friday, Feb. 16th at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:00)

Opening Night

with the Worldwide Classic Boat Show Crew

Get the inside scoop of what’s happening at this year’s Worldwide Classic Boat Show from the full crew who’s put the Show together.

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Saturday, Feb. 17th at 12:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC – 05:00)

Golden Globe Race Winner Kirsten Neuschäfer

Adventure Sailor, 2022 Golden Globe Race Winner

What makes a sailor decide to embark on a solo, non-stop, unassisted circumnavigation using only tools and technology available in 1968?  What strategies and reflections does it take to win the most grueling retro race? Kirsten Neuschäfer won the recent 2022/2023 Golden Globe Race, setting several records including first woman to win the race. Kirsten will have a discussion with two-time Race to Alaska winner Jeanne Goussev about what it takes to compete in high-adventure races and the human experiences behind it.

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Sunday, Feb. 18th at 12:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC – 05:00)

Women in Boatbuilding Panel

with Belinda Joslin, Boatbuilder and Founder of Women in Boatbuilding

Five European boatbuilders will join us for a discussion about their work, their careers, and the new thriving community Women In Boatbuilding, a group created by Belinda Joslin to support and inspire women working in boatbuilding and related trades.

Panel Speakers include: Etta de Boer – Rigger (Germany), Sydney Fassam – Systems Apprentice (England), Clémentine Mollier – Shipright (France), Amy Stringfellow – Boatbuilder/Teacher (England)

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Monday, Feb. 19th at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:00)

From Kit to Coastal Cruiser, Building an Electric AROHA

with Eric Blake and John Pratt

Professional boatbuilder Eric Blake will chat with amateur boatbuilder John Pratt about his single-handed build of a beautiful AROHA Coastal Cruiser. John has an inspiring background and so many good insights about a project of this magnitude as an amateur. And it’s the first ELECTRIC AROHA!  So we’re as interested as everyone else to learn about the results. Live Q&A to follow.

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Tuesday, Feb 20th at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:00)

Circumnavigating New Guinea in a Traditional Sailing Canoe

with Thor Jensen – Danish adventurer, filmmaker and author
Hosted by Tom Robinson

Danish adventurer Thor. F. Jensen recounts his 13-month expedition undertaken in collaboration with three Papuan master sailors from Milne Bay Province. The crew sets out to circumnavigate the Island of New Guinea in a traditional sailing canoe called Tawali Pasana. A 6300km voyage of high adventure, danger and friendship that sailed them straight into the history books. Thor will chat with Tom Robinson and live Q&A will follow.

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Wednesday Feb. 21st at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:00)

Off Center Harbor Movie Night

This year we’re doing something special on Off Center Harbor movie night. Along with our regular curated playlist of a few of our favorite Off Center Harbor videos from around the world, this year we’re adding a theme of “The Boys in the Boat,” featuring the amazing documentary which preceded the dramatized, eponymous box-office smash. These will go live on the 21st and remain open to attendees through the end of the Show.

Thursday, Feb. 22nd at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:00)

Was I Scared?! Finding Peace in Whitewater Rowing

with Peter Fox

From the Stanislaus River in California to the high rivers of Patagonia, Peter Fox has paddled/rowed his way around the world across four different continents. With a lifetime of rowing, teaching, and traveling, Peter believes that anyone can find a level that is right for them to have a life-changing relationship with running rivers.

Hear the stories of adventure, life lessons, and experiences on the water from one of the best whitewater rafting guides in the world.

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Friday, Feb. 23rd at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:00)

Open Boat Camp Cruising

with Geoff Kerr and hosted by Steve Stone

Geoff Kerr teaches an Open Boat Camp Cruising course at the WoodenBoat School, and he’s among the most experienced camp-cruisers in this part of the world. Geoff will walk us through the most important topics, answering the top questions of those who are keen to explore far-off places in small boats. Off Center Harbor co-founder Steve Stone has camp-cruised the entire coast of Maine and will host Geoff and lead the Q&A that follows Geoff’s presentation.

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Saturday, Feb. 24th at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:00)

What I Learned Rowing Across the Pacific Ocean

with Tom Robinson, Boatbuilder & Adventurer

There’s big news awaiting us this year with Tom Robinson, and the final recap of his solo row across the Pacific Ocean. If you’ve been following along with video series we’ve created with Tom (on Off Center Harbor), you know there was a capsize and rescue, but that’s not the end of the story. Tom will take us through the final stretch of the voyage, the discovery of his boat in Papua New Guinea, and most importantly what he’s learned (so far) from his voyage. And that “big news”? We’ll let Tom break that during his presentation. Live Q&A to follow.

This presentation and Q&A is now available for replay –
and we’ve made it shareable even to those outside the Show.

Sunday, Feb. 25th at 7:00pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:00) 

Highlights of the Show

with the Worldwide Classic Boat Show Crew

Join us as we recap the boat show highlights, share what’s in store for the year ahead. We have a very exciting announcement to share with you all about the Show.

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5 thoughts on “2024 Live Presentation Schedule

  • James Thomas 3 months ago

    A remarkable experience far beyond the achievement of any record. What came through was the evolution of understanding and the profound sensitivity to those you met along the way despite their world being as foreign to you as a Westerner as having landed on a different planet. Somehow learning to embody the love you felt in your life on Maiwar and with the people you met going forward is probably very terrifying. Know that for many, many of us hearing your story embraced us in that love.

  • DAVID BADION 3 months ago

    Please consider featuring Leo Goolding and “TALLY HO” next year. He and his crew are getting very close to splashing the ship. I’ve been following them on YouTube for several years. It has been quite a journey in itself.

    • Nate Rooks Post author 3 months ago

      Thanks for the suggestion, David! We know Leo and have also been following his amazing project since the beginning.

      One of our goals with the presentations is to give a platform to amazing folks people SHOULD hear from, but maybe haven’t.

      Leo’s plethora of content leaves few stones left to turn, but perhaps in the future it will be a good fit.

      • Lawrence Mott 3 months ago

        Just wanted to “second” Nate’s reply. We all enjoy Leo’s channel- but it’s easy to access.

        I might suggest more small commercial efforts – similar to Woodenboat’s recent highlight on Peter Kass’s shop, or some cool restoration or build in a shop up a dirt road or innovative construction technique at Lyman Morse or French&Webb,…..

  • Karel Doruyter 3 months ago

    I am pushing 82 and have designed and built 7 boats during that time. From the family friendly , unsinkable Jaeger 15, to my 60 ‘ Cat. I loved them all. It is a real treat to read and listen to people building and sailing boats, keep up the good work !!!