Saturday, 2/24 | What I Learned Rowing Across the Pacific Ocean

What I Learned Rowing Across the Pacific Ocean

with Tom Robinson

Tom’s Replay is Now Available Below, and…

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There’s big news awaiting us this year with Tom Robinson, and the final recap of his solo row across the Pacific Ocean. If you’ve been following along with the dozen-plus videos we’ve created on Off Center Harbor, you know there was a capsize and rescue, but that’s not the end of the story. Tom will take us through the final stretch of the voyage, the discovery of his boat in Papua New Guinea, and most importantly what he’s learned (so far) from his voyage. And that “big news,” well, we’ll let Tom break it during his presentation. Q&A follows.


  • Tom Robinson – Boatbuilder & Adventurer
  • Moderator: Steve Stone – Co-Founder of Off Center Harbor and the Worldwide Classic Boat Show


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39 thoughts on “Saturday, 2/24 | What I Learned Rowing Across the Pacific Ocean

  • Christopher Waaler 4 months ago

    What a wonderful story and told so very well. One cannot help but being moved by what you shared. Thank you for sharing with us all. Congratulations to you. Look forward to seeing where God takes you next!

  • Kenneth Glidden 4 months ago

    Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing this with us, Tom, and congratulations!

  • Roger Whittaker 4 months ago

    Very Cool – I am impressed the society monitoring your progress saw that you had completed your task –
    I am not a goal sort of person but somethings I recognize from your talk are;
    1. When faced with a crises looking toward the most immediate next thing is sufficient to achieve each time –
    2. When one arrives at the end of all the resources this world has to offer there is God standing waiting to receive you as you realize Him.

    Well done Tom

  • Dave Mitchell 4 months ago

    Hey Tom and Steve, thank you for that wonderful interview! One question for Tom if he’s still monitoring the comments. I can recall a long way back you told us what books you were taking. Was there a particular book that resonated with the experience you were having out there?
    Thanks for your candid comments on your journey since your return, coming back to civilisation is never easy after a life changing experience.
    All the best, Dave.

  • Burke Horner 4 months ago

    Thanks, Steve, for an amazing interview with Tom Robinson tonight! I have followed every one of Tom’s videos this year, and I know that this is just the beginning for this great adventurer. Oh, to be twenty four years old, with the whole world at one’s footsteps, to know that I could build again some day, build from any set of blueprints, speak for years to come of my experiences, or possibly just return to that island of simplicity and happily live out my existence with people I have learned to love. So many choices, so much time. God bless Tom for a great interview, and God bless you for this great membership!

  • Mark Nunlist 4 months ago

    Tom, congratulations many times over. I am so happy you are safe, *feel* that you completed your journey – as indeed you have – and that you are acclimating to being in your “normal” life with family, friends, and surroundings of home. I have truly enjoyed following your map, your stories, and especially your insights about self, the world around you / us, and living simply. A spectacular, and life-changing experience. All the best to you, and here’s hoping you keep in occasional touch with OCH so we can follow along.

  • James Thomas 4 months ago

    A remarkable experience far beyond the achievement of any record. What came through was the evolution of understanding and the profound sensitivity to those you met along the way despite their world being as foreign to you as a Westerner as having landed on a different planet. Somehow learning to embody the love you felt in your life on Maiwar and with the people you met going forward is probably very terrifying. Know that for many, many of us hearing your story embraced us in that love.

  • mary clark 4 months ago

    Tom — You are inspiration. To share in the simple, meaningful lives of others, and to appreciate them and their culture, is huge. No doubt they will never forget you either. thanks Mary

  • Meg Custer 4 months ago

    Dear Tom,

    I’ve followed your journey since the beginning, but for me the highlight was hearing you describe tonight the inner experience you had from days 130 to 137 on the journey. I could relate to that experience, not from my own outer adventure (though I do love to sail), but rather from my own seeking for the meaning of life when I was your age, being gifted that pure experience of the Absolute through my practice of Transcendental Meditation, and being able to live the subsequent five decades of my life with that steady experience underlying and supporting all my relative experiences. It has made my life fulfilling and purposeful. Happy to speak to you more about this if you wish. With warmest greetings across the world, but on that inner, transcendental level there is no space or time.

  • Jerry McIntire 4 months ago

    Will the replay of Tom’s presentation also be available after tomorrow, at Off Center Harbor?

  • Jack Stone 4 months ago

    Congratulations on achieving the record you set out to achieve!

    Bravo Muhata

  • Jerry McIntire 4 months ago

    Tom, glad to hear that you found a truly deep sense of simplicity and self on your journey. It is a gift, and you can’t lose it even when the world makes its noises and tries to engulf you. That support and love you felt on Penrhyn is still with you, because it is spiritual which is to say beyond time and space. Your devotion to selflessness and sharing the love that was shared with you will bring you through the challenges (which we all face) that come with living in this world. We could all use a little less Internet and a little more dancing, singing, and gratitude!

  • Robert Collier 4 months ago

    Thank you for allowing us to live through your exploits! Not a dry eye here either…
    Bob Collier

  • Jack Stone 4 months ago

    We salute your dream, your courage and wonderful way you express yourself and makes it easy to listen with keen interest to every word Tom as you told about your journey.

    Keep your new natural self as you move forward to your next adventure.


    Jack Stone

  • Ingrid Code 4 months ago

    I absolutely LOVED this presentation. Truly a highlight of the Worldwide Classic Boat Show. Thank you Tom Robinson for sharing your story and profound insights into beauty, simplicity and love. Thank you Off Center Harbor.

  • Tom McFarling 4 months ago

    So touched by your description of the values you found ( and latched onto) in the Penrhyn society. Thanks for the reminder that , yes, it’s mainly about love. Please don’t let this be the last we see of you, Tom. You’re a teacher, and we need you. God bless you, Mahuta.

  • Glenn Holland 4 months ago

    Somehow get this story out to the WORLD!!!!!

    • Nate Rooks 4 months ago

      We’re thinking the same thing, Glenn! We’ve made this public so that you can share it with your loved ones, or those who need some more love.

  • Justin Pittsenbarger 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing. Heart warming and inspiring.

  • Langley Photography 4 months ago

    Love. What an amazing way to learn more about an emotion we all know. Thank you Tom.

  • David Satter 4 months ago

    Tom, WOW! Did Maiwar have any kind of ballast or keel? Dave Satter

    • Tom Robinson 4 months ago

      Hi David,

      There was no ballast keel, although the water supplies were placed down low and acted as ballast.

  • Steve K. 4 months ago

    Wow. Just wow. Congratulations Tom! What an inspiration and example you are. Gives me faith in humanity. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Best to you…

  • Douglas Henschen 4 months ago

    Congratulations on the crossing. Great presentation and wonderful lessons for you and all of us! I’ve followed your journey from beginning to end and I’m very happy for you.

  • Julia Graves 4 months ago

    NO dry eyes here on Bainbridge Island!

  • Julia Graves 4 months ago

    thank you Tom… I just want to give you a huge hug! I can feel the emotion coming from you from all of your experiences from the beginning to the end… well there really isn’t an end as you will be living with all that you’ve experienced and I wish you only the very best. Thank you kindly for sharing your heart with all of us.

  • John Hoy 4 months ago

    What a great, wrenching story! Thank you for sharing it over the many months, and this week.

  • Christine MacNinja 4 months ago

    You are incredible and so inspiring!! I am loving your presentation! My questions are:

    1. What did you pack to eat for those 52 days at sea?
    2. What is your boatbuilding experience before you designed and built your own?!
    3. What things did you miss most during your journey?

    • Tom Robinson 4 months ago

      Hi Christine,

      I packed a lot of food for those 52 days, including oats for breakfast, tortillas and peanut butter for lunch, dehydrated meals for dessert, as well as a host of other items.

      I completed a four year boatbuilding apprenticeship before I designed and built Maiwar.

      I did not miss much at all during my trip, however, by the end, I was looking forward to spending time with family and friends, as well as some live music!

  • Sandy Lam 4 months ago

    Wow that departure clip from Tongareva had me in tears. SO beautiful! You can hear the love and joy they were sending you off in. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Suzan Wallace 4 months ago

    So excited you went to Vanuatu!! My school had a pen pal/art experience with the children there! Thank you for taking me back there~

  • Doug Hermann 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing with us! Will plans or a kit of Tom’s boat ever be available?


    • Tom Robinson 4 months ago

      Thanks for asking Doug, at this stage plans are not available, but I could provide offsets if you wish.

  • Jonathan Lewis 4 months ago

    Happy Birthday Mahuta! A quarter century to relish!

    • Tom Robinson 4 months ago

      Thank you Jonathan!

      • GEORGE IRELAND 4 months ago

        Dear Steve Tom, What a marvelous presentation you have done, both of you. After all these days at sea tom seems to know what a lot of people don’t. What a wise young man he is. Steve you were correct, we all had tears in our eyes after this Journey of Tom’s to the physical and spiritual world. Wouldn’t it be grand if there were more people like you two in this world. Thank you both so much for enlightening so many people about the wonderful values that you both possess. George Ireland