2023 Live Presentation Schedule

The 2024 Schedule Will Be Released Soon!

Friday, Feb. 17th at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30)

Opening Night

with the Worldwide Classic Boat Show Crew

Get the inside scoop of what’s happening at this year’s Worldwide Classic Boat Show from the full crew who’s put the show together. We’ll point out the not-to-miss highlights in this year’s show and give you a brief tour of the site and how to best navigate it all.


Saturday, Feb. 18th at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30)

Rowing Across the Pacific Ocean in a Wooden Boat, Part 2

with Tom Robinson – Boatbuilder & Adventurer

Last year, Tom gave a presentation looking forward to beginning the journey he’d been dreaming about since he was 13 years old – rowing across the Pacific Ocean in a beautiful wooden boat he designed and built. Last summer, Tom met his boat MAIWAR in Peru and cleared all kinds of international challenges before shoving off into the Pacific and rowing for 160 days before setting foot on land – weeks longer than planned when he missed his original destination. Now waiting out cyclone season on Tongareva AKA Penrhyn Island, Tom will join us to share stories, impressions, and photos from his journey so far. Live Q&A to follow.

Sunday, Feb. 19th at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30)

“The Race to Alaska” Movie Night

R2AK has been called “the best worst idea,” spurring all varieties of folks in boats ( as long as they don’t have a motor) to race unsupported from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, AK. The Race to Alaska Movie mixes raw racer-shot footage with vast aerials and in-depth interviews to tell the story of the race’s improbable inception and the journey of the men and women who have answered the call to action. These everyday heroes challenge themselves to find their edge on an exhilarating, engineless charge through the Pacific Northwest, traversing one of the most complex and beautiful race courses on Earth. Live Q&A to follow.

Monday, Feb. 20th at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30)

Synthetic Standing Rigging on Classic Boats

with Ian Weedman and Jen Bates – Riggers, Brion Toss Yacht Rigging

These master riggers will explain the advantages of synthetic fiber over steel rigging systems and talk about its numerous benefits for modern and classic boats. They will explain how Brion Toss Rigging, being skilled in the traditional, is so well versed to adapt the traditional skills to the modern fiber. “Wire rigging is, after all, the attempt of a previous generation to do with wire what they had previously done with rope. A couple of hundred years later, we are just running things the other way.” – Brion Toss. Live Q&A to follow.

Tuesday, Feb 21st at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30)

Hidden Stories of the Herreshoffs

with Evelyn Ansel – Curator, Herreshoff Marine Museum

The Pandemic may have stopped our in-person activities short, but it also gave us an unexpected opportunity to dig into the archives while on lockdown. Thanks in large part to extraordinary recent developments in the digitization and transcription of previously unpublished material from collections around the world, we have been putting together pieces of the historic puzzle in a manner that was not possible even five years ago. Join us as we explore recent discoveries from this new age of historic exploration: boats long forgotten or never built, photos that haven’t seen the light of day for a hundred years, previously unidentified models, and long forgotten Gilded Age tales of ocean-spanning cruises… whatever you’ve heard before, this is not the same-old, same-old Herreshoff! Live Q&A to follow.

Wednesday Feb. 22nd at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30)

Off Center Harbor Movie Night

Enjoy a curated playlist of our favorite Off Center Harbor videos from around the world. OCH is the creator of the Worldwide Classic Boat Show, and has produced over 600 videos on great boats and how to build, use, and maintain them. Here’s a chance to see some of our favorites! These will go live on the 22nd and remain open to attendees through the end of the Show.

Thursday, Feb. 23rd at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30)

The Inside Passage Decarbonization Project

with Capt. Peter Wilcox and Bridget Bayer – Co-Founders, IPDP

In 2016, Capt. Peter and Bridget proposed the Inside Passage Decarbonization Project to tribes/bands, fuel dealers, ports, fishermen/women and commercial and recreational boaters from Washington to Alaska, throughout the Inside Passage. The goals of the IPDP are to make it easy for boaters who want to voyage petroleum-free in the Inside Passage, for marine dealers to gradually – beginning now – replace high carbon marine fuels with 90% or more locally made, clean and waste-based, job-creating green biofuels and renewable electricity, and for marinas and ports to shift to renewable shore power – all in the next 20 years. Live Q&A to follow.

Friday, Feb. 24th at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30)

Larry Pardey, “The Real Deal” Movie Night

Live intro with Lin Pardey

From the stormy seas of Cape Horn to the wilds of the Sahara Desert, few modern sailors have seen more adventures nor inspired more dreams than Larry Pardey. Sailing more than 200,000 miles and circumnavigating both east-about and west-about in engine-free boats he built himself, co-authoring 12 books and creating 5 videos, Larry has been called “the Enabler” and “the man who launched 50,000 dreams.” The Real Deal is an intimate profile created by Mike Anderson, video producer, boatbuilder, and a longtime friend of Larry Pardey. The crux of the tale is the Pardey’s voyage to and around Cape Horn, the so-called “Mt. Everest of Sailing.” Along with at-sea footage, interviews with a variety of friends and associates, and archival film clips and photographs, the story is narrated via quotes from sailing writer Herb McCormick’s critically acclaimed biography of the couple, As Long as It’s Fun.

Saturday, Feb. 25th at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30)

What Makes Classic Yachts So Damn Beautiful?

with Maynard Bray – Historian, Eric Blake – Boatbuilder, & Bill Mayher – Author

What makes classic wooden boats so beautiful? And how are they so stunning and seaworthy at the same time? Few people have spent more time analyzing classic yacht designs and designers than Maynard Bray, and he joins boatbuilder Eric Blake and author Bill Mayher for a discussion of drawings and photos of some of the most beautiful and seaworthy boats from legendary designers of the golden age of yacht design. Live Q&A to follow.

Sunday, Feb. 26th at 7:30pm EST in the U.S. (UTC 00:30) 

Closing Ceremony

with the Worldwide Classic Boat Show Crew

Join us as we recap the boat show highlights and share what’s in store for next year.

Watch the replay of 2022’s Closing Ceremony HERE.


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  • IanH 1 year ago

    I suggest for next year you add the ability to download the presentation names and times to our calendars. It would save the time it takes to flip back and forth from the website to the calendar and back and would stop me making so many mistakes. Thanks.

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    Hi guys,
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      Hi Nick – Yes, replays will be available a day or two after the live presentation on the same page.